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Fruit for the Office

Fruit for the Office

We can deliver your Fruit for the Office directly to your place of work

Some of the benefits of enjoying fruit for the office delivery are:

 Counteract unhealthy food found in worksite break rooms or vending machines

  • Keep employee morale high
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Demonstrate the company's commitment to health


Operating directly out of Sydneys Flemington Market, Fruit For The Office provides fresh fruit delivery to offices in Sydney, Victoria, Queensland, ACT & Northern Terriroty, as well as households, schools, shops, hotels and restaurants.

We offer a regular delivery service for businesses Monday to Friday.

We value personal relationships. Our customer service team is available from 6am-5pm EST Mon-Friday to answer any questions.

We’re here to help +61 2 8819 6913.